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Our Services



We offer our partners a special sustainable festival experience.

  • Deposit: We charge a deposit for the container from our guests who come to have fun. If they return the container, we will refund the fee.

  • Washing: We perform instant washing for refilling at the bar stands,  and detailed washing of cups in our industrial dishwashers before and after the festival.

  • Experience: We serve with our specially designed cups. So, the drinks becomes more elegant.

  • Zero waste: Our deposit rate is 80%, but there is no cup waste in the festival area. Because non-returnable containers are actually kept by our guests as souvenirs. We contribute to the sustainability report of our partners.


Coffee Shop

We serve cafes with our technological infrastructure and reusable coffee containers.

  • 98% return rate: We track the returns of the cups via QR code and Refresh app.

  • No deposit fee:  The consumer does not pay extra for the cup.

  • Cost savings: The cafe charges an affordable price for each Refresh cup it uses. We save 50% compared to disposable paper cups.

  • Zero waste: 300 kilotons of disposable packaging waste is generated annually. With our environmentally friendly and sustainable business model that offers circular economy activity, we can reduce the carbon footprint of this situation together.

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