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Our Story

Refresh was founded by two university students on a chilly September afternoon! While we were talking about environmental issues, the disposable food and beverage containers produced by students who were either trying to catch a class or coming out of one caught our attention. We thought to ourselves, "Where was all this garbage going?" Not long after, we learned that very few of these wastes are recyclable, and due to poor waste sorting activities, most of these recyclable wastes end up in the garbage dump site, just like the non-recyclable ones.

We regretfully discovered that common practices for disposing of waste, such as incineration or burial, are being employed. Of course, we couldn't help but do something with this information! It was necessary to take action. First, we observed the current food and beverage containers in use in restaurants, cafes, and events. After an unsuccessful search for food and beverage containers that meet our criteria of being reusable, recyclable, traceable, and suitable for a circular economy, we took matters into our own hands and established Refresh.

We are aware that our planet's resources have a limit. So, in order to build the future from today, instead of using and throwing out without hesitation, we have implemented the reuse, return, and repeat cycle model. This is how #refreshthefuture came about with the motto "reduce, reuse, and repeat."

It is time to break away from the traditional options that we have been using for years, perhaps because we think there are no other options and perceive them to be innocuous. Because unfortunately, most of them end up in the garbage dump site.

Let us introduce you to the #refreshyouroutines movement, which refers to our reusable and easily recyclable food and beverage container system!

This is an open invitation for you to be a part of our story. With the content we produce on all our social media channels, we become more conscious of environmental crises, change our habits, and take action together!

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