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We are thinking outside the box.

solutions for take-away and delivery pack.

We offer a sustainable alternative for the food & drink packaging sector instead of disposable plastic and cardboard lunch box usage.

Food-drink delivery and take-away have never been more sustainable.

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Refresh the future, now!

What is the problem?


Food-drink deliveries and takeaway serves made with plastic and cardboard. This creates non-recyclable and non-reuseable waste. 300 kilotons of disposable packaging waste is produced annually in Turkey for immediate consumption.


Disposable packs are constant expenses. The cost of the raw materials used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard (i.e. papers) are at all-time highs. Logistics costs are also increasing with risen oil prices.


The problem in recycling is that package waste is contaminated due to food waste and cannot be recycled. Compostable packages are at the discretion of the end users and municipalities.

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Impact of Refresh

We recreate the packaging industry.

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Refresh products do not produce any waste. Refresh containers are produced from completely recyclable materials and their lifetime is 1000 uses.

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Low Cost

The use of 3 reusable products pays off disposable alternatives. In long-term use, reusable products are much more advantageous in terms of cost.

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Circular Economy

Take-away & delivery in returnable, reusable containers. Businesses (restaurants, cafes, catering services), ordering applications, end users participate in the circular economy.


Your Sustainable Partner

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For the Businesses

  • Increase your customer loyalty

  • Save money in the long run

  • Gain new customers with your green repetition

For the Users

  • Return easily either by sending back the previous Refresh with delivery guy or simply dropping a contracted restaurant

  • Order your meals guilt free

  • Less plastic-cardboard rubbish in your kitchen

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Sustainable Alternatives

Instead of plastic and cardboard packages, we use reusable, recyclable, food-warm containers for meal deliveries and take-aways.users can drop off their Refresh containers at the return points or return them in their next order.


Businesses (restaurants, cafes, catering services) and ordering applications are our partners. Businesses are able to use Refresh products for in-store take-away purchases, and we provide that the food or beverage is delivered in Refresh containers as an option in order applications.

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Sustainable Alternatives


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Beverage Cup Prototype

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